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Saturday, July 30, 2016


   I'm going to make this short and simple. It was brought to my attention that apparently my choice to vote for a third party candidate is "self satisfying" and basically a wasted vote. Ok, let's reflect on that. Yes, part of my third party vote is selfish. I can't give MYSELF a good enough educated reason to cast MY vote for Trump or Clinton, so in order for ME to sleep at night, I've chosen to vote for a candidate that I do mostly agree with and honestly believe would make a good President.  My vote is not selfish when I truly believe my candidate and their policies would make our Nation a better place. Anyone who would call me selfish for casting my vote for my candidate of choice probably feels like I'm somehow "stealing" a vote away from their candidate of choice and they're having a hard time accepting that I just don't like their candidate's views, therefore, I don't have to vote for them. I refuse to let the media's force fed fear and twisted tales scare me into voting for a candidate I don't agree with.
   Is my vote wasted? Only because "they" say it is. If every single person who wanted to vote for a third party candidate actually DID vote for a third party candidate, history could be made. Revolutions don't happen when people just settle for something. If you do agree with, and stand behind Clinton or Trump, then by all means vote for them! But, I get so frustrated when I hear people say that they are just voting for the lesser of the two evils because they hate one of the big party candidates enough to vote for the other one, just to try and block the one they hate/fear the most...What have we become? What are we to become if we let people bully us into feeling ashamed for our third party vote. To vote your conscience and vote for what you believe in is exactly what the process and right to vote is all about.
   So, they can call me selfish and tell me my vote is wasted, that's fine, but my morals and integrity will not be compromised by a vote for the "lesser" of any evil.

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