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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Recycle or Upcycle old cassette tapes. Genius!

What an epic idea! I have a shoe box full of my cherished old cassette tapes that, even though I no longer have a device in this house with the capability to even think about playing a tape, I can't seem to part with them. I know that if I have an overwhelming urge to listen to Wham or need to get my Vogue on, I can easily find these old songs online (don't judge me, it was the 80's) but it's the tiny sappy hoarder that lives in my brain that says, as long as I have room in the shed or under a bed, they stay! But now they have an actual purpose! Oh, the glorious possibilities!! There are some good ideas here on the link below, but personally I'm thinking wall art. I do love the lamp pictured above too, but wouldn't it be neat to somehow make a chandelier, or just have a few dangling from a lamp like this? I'm just throwing ideas out but this will for sure be on my list of must do projects. If and when I get to my project, I'll post pictures. Eeeee! I can't wait!

5 Ideas from Bob Vila

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