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Friday, April 25, 2014

Vintage and Antique DIY Button Lamp Shade

   I've bee wanting to do this for sooo long and I finally did it! I was very lucky in many ways to make the awesomness that is this lamp happen. First off, I already had a bag full of antique and vintage buttons thanks to my lovely, but hoarder of a Grandma. (Love you Grammy!) Secondly, I am a thrift store junkie and I found a couple really great lamp shades and lamp bases for super cheap! (Yes I said couple, so there will be more projects...eventually.) 

So on to the tutorial...Glue the buttons on the lamp shade.
WooHoo, you're done!
Pretty easy stuff right? But here I will offer some tips that I learned from my experience...
1.) Not everyone is automatically gifted a bag full of really awesome buttons. Sucks to be you :( ...BUT :) you can buy vintage buttons in bulk on sites like Etsy or Ebay, Or you can even set out to buy some super wonderful buttons individually. Also check antique stores for jars or tins of buttons.
2.) Try not to over obsess on the placement of the buttons, random is good. (This advice is more of a reminder for me not to get all OCD when doing my projects.)
3.) Hot glue is the devil, but it's also really amazing stuff and I used it here. But if you've never used a hot glue gun before then you need to know that once you put the glue on the button and then the button on the shade, you just committed to that pretty much being it's permanent home, you won't have a lot of time to be moving it around before it dries. And then there is the sea of hot glue stringy mess to deal with...Weeee!

   That's basically it! I really had a blast doing this and my kiddos liked helping me pick out "cool buttons", now on to the next project! 

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