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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Retro Vintage Old Cassette Tapes Lamp Shade (Recycled, Upcycled)

How completely magically awesome is this lamp?! I recently posted a link to a page that had a few great ideas for recycling old cassette tapes and one of those ideas was a lamp shade. Their shade was put together using zip ties and was more of a solid box retrospect that probably would have been much easier, but I wanted to think outside of the box....bahahahaha...Okay, that was bad, moving on...
As truly awesome as this lamp shade is, it was not the easiest of projects. I really hate it when bloggers post wonderful pictures about their wonderful projects and how wonderful and fun and easy it was ...LIES! Most of my projects have "Learning Experiences" otherwise known as "Epic Failures" filled with frustration, mess and sometimes even minor injury. That being said, I love it! I'm addicted to Pinterest, I'm addicted to Hobby Lobby and I'm pretty sure I want to be buried with my glue gun.

Anyway, on to the kind of a tutorial, I basically started with just a metal triangular top piece from an old shade that sacrificed it's old shade life for my new awesome project...moment of, not really, that shade sucked, that's why it had to die. So, metal triangle thingy, and then I took some sturdy cardboard (started out with a long wooden dowel, didn't work out, see Epic Failure section above) to make the thick triangle piece that I glued on top of the metal thingy and painstakingly wrapped it in yarn. Then came the equally not fun task of weaving the yarn in through the tapes. I wanted to have a dangling effect so I used a pencil to guide my gaps in between the tapes. Then I just tied the strands of tape to my triangle and Voila! A direct porthole to the 80's was just created in my living room! Endlessly fighting with yarn was totally worth it. :)

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  1. I was there for the birth of that lamp...simultaneously creating my own epic still can't believe I mod podge'd my jewelry box shut...ahh good times